You may decide to contact a Hungarian marketing agency for several reasons.

You may feel a bit lost at the beginning of the process, as you don’t have a contact network to rely on and you have to choose from an unknown market.

Thanks to today’s technological advances, there are no longer any barriers to remote working, so all you have to do is to research and choose the agency that is right for you and enjoy the benefits of working with them.

In our article, we would like to provide you some support to help you choose the top Hungarian marketing agency for your company and draw your attention to the most common mistakes.

Before you start working with a Hungarian marketing agency, you need to consider the following points:

  1. Make sure you will not face any language difficulties!
  2. Determine your company’s marketing goals!
  3. If you think you found the proper marketing agency, have a look at their references, clients and previous works!
  4. Are the members of the team experienced and experts in their field?
  5. Browse through their social media channels and blog!
  6. Remember: a well-designed website is a key factor!
  7. Be careful that the marketing agency does not over-promise results!

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Before you decide to search a marketing agency in Hungary, it is important to think through some questions, such as:

What are your goals? What is your budget? What kind of support does your company need?

If you know exactly your needs, consider these aspects to find the best Hungarian marketing agency:

Choosing a Hungarian marketing agency – Aspect 1

Consistency between your goals and the services they provide

Before defining your common goals and contacting a Hungarian marketing agency, it is a good idea to gather your own ideas about what you want to achieve in your business.

By browsing the marketing agency’s website or during the first consultation, you will see if the company has a toolkit that will help you achieve your goals.

Hungarian marketing agencies are usually specialized in different areas of marketing, so define your goals and the type of services that can assist you to reach them.

If an agency can provide all the services in-house or assures that they can offer you a competitive price along their relationships (for other services, e.g. printing, visual content production), they could be an important consideration of your choice.

Remember that creativity is an important aspect, but make sure that the Hungarian marketing agency you chose also understands your business.

We consider ourselves a result-focused creative agency so our main goal is to impress with outcomes, such as generated leads, number of website visitors and conversion rate.

Choosing a Hungarian marketing agency – Aspect 2

Content of the consultation

During the first meeting with a Hungarian marketing agency, you will get a sense of a mutual effort to solve problems and develop.

If you already feel that you got useful ideas during the consultation and can imagine working with the company in the long term, ask them for an offer.

Feel free to ask! The answers you get can make it easier for you to choose.

Choosing a Hungarian marketing agency – Aspect 3

Transparent pricing method – the content of the offer

As a media company, we are often confronted with these questions:

Why do we need to consult? Why don’t we send a price list?

Of course, like most agencies, we also have services with fixed price.

But here’s the twist.

No two projects have ever been exactly the same, and during the creation of a ‘simple’ website, it often turns out that changing ‘just one more little thing’ – which seems easy for the client – actually means a lot of work.

That’s not good for any side: not for you, because if you knew in advance that you wouldn’t have the budget, you might have chosen another solution.

And not good for the Hungarian marketing agency either, who had spent many, many hours conscientiously trying to make its client happy.

Companies that send a relatively cheap quote without prior consultation may charge extras for each change.

So in the end, you may end up worse off than if you had paid for pre-agreed services.

However, it may be more cost-effective for you to agree with an agency on an hourly rate rather than a project basis, with a prior agreement on how many hours per month they will work for you.

Choosing a Hungarian marketing agency – Aspect 4

Your budget

It is important to determine the amount of money you intend to spend on marketing for your future return on investment.

If marketing is in the hands of a good agency, you should consider this amount as an investment.

Try to find the right value for money first and foremost.

Don’t look for the cheapest offer, but for the value that you get for your money.

Choosing a Hungarian marketing agency – Aspect 5

Size of the agency and the team

You may not be sure that one of the top 10 marketing agencies will be the best choice for you.

“Just because a marketing agency is big doesn’t mean it will be the best fit for your brand. Look for the agency that offers a personalized service.” – /Jaime Nacach, Bloominari/

Top marketing agencies often insist on a certain amount of annual revenue or an existing reputation before starting any cooperation.

It’s also worth checking their references to see if they have clients of a similar size to your business.

It is often the case that agencies work mainly with large foreign/multinational corporations and the quotation they provide is scaled on a budget similar to their own client base.

Find an agency that will give you enough attention, regardless of the size of your company!

Cluster Media team works with companies of all sizes, our goal is to find the most effective marketing solutions regardless of their revenue.

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Choosing a Hungarian marketing agency – Aspect 6

Ask yourself: What kind of team do you want to work with?

In marketing, cooperation is important, and personal aspects are not negligible.

In addition to the performance and services offered by an agency, a good culture fit is also something to watch out for when choosing one.

A good marketing team is made up of experienced, dynamic, reliable and specialized professionals who can reach your business goals.

Choosing a Hungarian marketing agency – Aspect 7

Does your chosen Hungarian marketing agency know the market you are operating in?

If you are working with the right marketing agency, you will feel that the company knows your business and your products’ place in the market.

Knowing the market makes it easier for them to create content for you, with fewer and fewer requests for information.

Choosing a Hungarian marketing agency – Aspect 8

Follow the trends and use modern systems and software

In all cases, ask the online media agency what they use to measure data, how they draw conclusions on how to refine campaigns.

A marketing agency should allow you to see the key data and make decisions in a transparent and supportable way.

Choosing a Hungarian marketing agency – Aspect 9

The first common steps

Once the contract had been signed and the marketing strategy agreed, it is desirable for the marketing agency to have an overview of the processes and to be able to manage and control the campaigns independently.

However, you can expect to be contacted regarding important and strategic issues.

It’s also worth observing whether they are open to further brainstorming together or they try to “finish” the tasks already assigned to them as quickly as possible.

Choosing a Hungarian marketing agency – Aspect 10

Be honest, share your thoughts, trust the agency

Honesty is important when you work with a team. If you have chosen the right agency, you can always share your ideas and opinions with them.

However, a real professional will do his or her best to protect you from failure later on, even if it is the harder, more consultative way.

The best Hungarian marketing agencies will welcome your ideas, but their first priority will always be making sure that the content really speaks to your target audience.

Of course, you don’t have to accept every opinion, but ask for reasons and try to make an objective decision.

We recommend you trust the expertise of your chosen marketing agency and be patient, after all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Digital marketing agency hungary

The biggest mistakes to avoid

Mistake 1 – Choosing the cheapest one in the case of digital marketing – you get what you paid for.

For example, most cheap SEO services use black-hat techniques like paid links, cheap content, and keyword-stuffed optimizations – these solutions lead you most of the time to penalization by Google instead of succeeding.

To fix the results the work of a cheap marketing agency, you may end up spending way more of your budget then at a professional agency.

Mistake 2 – ‘All that glitters is not gold’

In the case of marketing if something seems too good to be true, it is usually not true.

Marketing is a long and time-consuming process, don’t be fooled by someone offering instant huge results.

As we already mentioned, Rome wasn’t built in a day, the great work takes time.

Mistake 3: Too aggressive sales

An aggressive sales technique is always a red flag, because if a company is aware of the value of their service, it will not focus on very strong sales activity, rather strive to continuously improve themselves.

Mistake 4: Choosing by location

One of the greatest things in our modern times is that you can access internet from almost anywhere, which means you aren’t limited to your area in the selection process.

That is why there is no need to choose a digital marketing agency located in your area for the reason of saving money.

Marketing agencies are digital work-based worldwide, and online meetings can easily and effectively replace personal conversations.

Therefore, you might choose a marketing agency in Budapest for the reason of saving money (or expanding your market in Hungary).

Most agencies offer online meetings, however. if you prefer face-to-face communication, we provide the occasion of a personal meeting, too.

Mistake 5: Choosing without background check

A Google search for “best digital marketing agency in Hungary” is not a reliable solution for choosing the right online marketing agency.

If you want to find the right one, take your time and do the research.

Check the company’s social media feeds. Read their blog and make sure their style fits to your needs.

How can you be sure that you have found the right Hungarian marketing agency for your business?

You may have doubts in the beginning of the cooperation, but if you experience the following, you can relax, you have found the best Hungarian marketing agency for your needs:

  • The Hungarian marketing agency you choose delivers on time.
  • You can contact them easily, even on phone.
  • All your emails will be answered in a timely and meaningful manner.
  • The agency is open to brainstorming with you.
  • They are always up-to-date on your company’s industry landscape and innovative marketing solutions.
  • You get transparent, accurate monthly reporting.
  • The marketing agency takes ownership of your agreed business objectives.
  • The partnership starts to show tangible results in a short time.

What can you do to ensure a successful and effective collaboration with a Hungarian marketing agency?

  • It’s important to always send the necessary information and materials on time for giving them a chance to meet their deadline.
  • Strive to be clear and precise about your goals and expectations.
  • As far as possible, let your agency take the lead on creative concepts, as this is their area of expertise.
  • The aim is to ensure that both parties are happy and feel comfortable working together.

We hope that our article has provided you some useful aspects of choosing the top Hungarian marketing agency and will help you build a prosperous business partnership for your company.

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