Web development with conversion optimization

Web development with conversion optimization

A website is not just your digital business card– it’s much more than that!


The first impression. Maintaining interest. The bridge between brand awareness of your company and your revenue.

At Cluster Media, in addition to responsiveness and aesthetic design, user experience and optimization for conversion means equally important role.

Once we have detected the most important milestones in the strategic phase, we immediately start the multi-level development.

We treat web development processes as 3 main units:

Content development

Responsive web design development

Programming and development management

We create websites, applications and digital interfaces that connect your brand with your target group as authentically as possible.


Content development and wireframe model creation

The most important goal of the first phase is to complete the basic structure of your website, then we work to find out the tone that fits the best to catch the attention of your audience. There is an experienced marketing copywriter, translator, organic SEO specialist and a lector (working on a literary level) in our team.


Creating responsive web design

In this phase, based on the wireframe model, our graphic designer creates the visual design for several devices (computer, tablet, mobile phone). During the process, we make suggestions to develop all concepts aimed to improve the visual and user experience.


Programming and management

After selecting the most appropriate framework for the functionality of the website (e.g. Bootstrap, Yii Framework, WordPress) the development begins which is carried out by our own team or our most suitable programming partner for the task.

Ongoing support

Even when we’re done with all these units, we won’t let go of your hand until we’ve made sure everything works the way it should, and manage to bring your ideas to life.

If you decide to use our additional marketing solutions after your website is ready, we will help you connect with your audience through other channels as well.

Let's bring your company values to life together!

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